100k Blueprint Review

This is a review of 100k Blueprint 4.0 created by Ban Dasilva. A course that teaches students to be a successful drop shipper without any previous experience or ‘tech knowledge’.

100k Blueprint is back with its fourth version which is publicized as the master edition of this popular dropshipping course. The course is promising more features, video lectures, presentation slides, and a great bunch of bonuses.

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That said, let me continue my review of the program…

Before getting into the details of this course, let’s get familiar with the founder and instructor of 100k Blueprint:

The Man Behind 100k Blueprint

creator of 100k blueprint - dan dasilvaDan Dasilva is a highly successful dropshipper and is often called the guru of online marketing. He started his career at a very young age. With the help of a mentor, he made about 100k by selling products online.

As a result, he became more and more interested in the online world and numerous ways through which you can generate money on the internet. 

100k Blueprint is not his first, and most certainly, not the last online course.

Over the years, Dasilva has launched several online courses related to online marketing and dropshipping. He is only 25 years old and has earned more than $15 million in profits from his different dropshipping stores.

It has been reported that Dasilva was able to make millions of dollars within just 2 years after he started working.

Moreover, he runs a successful YouTube channel that has a significant number of subscribers which shows that Dasilva has an impressive following.

It is important to know about Dan Dasilva because he is the only primary man behind 100k Blueprint. Many dropshipping experts and trainers assist Dasilva, but you will get to have personal online sessions with him through 100k Blueprint.

Moreover, his success makes him the perfect individual to teach you all aspects of dropshipping so that you will have maximum chances of excelling in this highly competitive industry. 

Undoubtedly, you will find a lot of courses on dropshipping that promises you a massive amount of revenue.

Still, the instructors of most of these courses will not have a kind of experience and success enjoyed by Dasilva in the dropshipping industry.

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What is 100k Blueprint?

As the name suggests, 100k Blueprint is a set of guidelines for you to earn 100k.

It is a master course of dropshipping that deal with all minor and major aspects of dropshipping. With the rapid rise of technology, the importance of dropshipping has also increased manifold.

This is the perfect time to enter the dropshipping industry by developing efficient dropshipping stores and having good connections with the shipping companies.

Dasilva has a lot of other projects and courses under his belt. However, 100k Blueprint is his best product because it is not some basic tutorial or a short YouTube video.

Instead, it is a full-length course that contains more than 188 videos covering dropshipping from every aspect. 

Moreover, these videos also deal with the common problems faced in the dropshipping industry.

Hence, 100k Blueprint not only tries to teach you dropshipping from scratch, but it also lets you know about the solutions to possible issues that can arise in your career.

100k Blueprint is the combination of years of experience and skills of Dan Dasilva that has made him a successful and multi-millionaire dropshipper.

You should remember that 100k Blueprint is not teaching you to earn $100,000 for a single time only. Instead, it promises you to generate $100,000 for a lifetime because once you have established a dropshipping store, and it has started earning income, you can implement such strategies that will automate you’re earning from dropshipping.

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Here’s How 100k Blueprint System Works…

  • They find a product that fits their 3 phase criteria (they have tools to find these products as well).

  • They create a simple website with this single product (this website we’ve created a tool that uploads a custom theme and sets up the HIGHEST converting store possible and takes roughly 5 minutes from start to finish).

  • They then have someone CREATE simple little listings for them (we pay $20 for studio-quality production and will share these ads and what they look like LIVE).

  • They run $1.50 listings that work LIKE CRAZY following their ‘Blitz Bomb’ method (used ALL over the industry now).

  • They send high-quality buyer traffic to the store and start seeing which $1.50 listings are performing the best. They then go ahead and copy and paste the same listing and add $5 to it so it can TRIPLE their earnings!

  • After that they look to broker deals with USA suppliers for faster shipping (They have a source your customers will be able to have a direct connection with but they have an entire software that spits out products to your customers with ease)

  • Lastly, they are going to SCALE and keep finding more and more products that they can build these stores out with. They are going to accumulate a portfolio of these stores that they can keep collecting daily income (like rent) and they grow to $100… $300… $500… $1,000 per day and they are extremely easy to build with the 100k Blueprint software. 

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100k Blueprint Schedule Overview

100k Blueprint has over 188 videos and about 7 types of bonuses. Every video deal with different features of dropshipping. Moreover, these videos are divided into a 12-week program.

So, let’s overview the schedule of 100k Blueprint:

Week 1

In the first week, the world of dropshipping is introduced to users. You will gain access to a video related to basic definitions, shipping models, sell funnels, Shopify, and a brief intro of store creation.

Week 2

In the second week, you will get to learn about the concepts of dropshipping in great detail. Moreover, you will be taught how to develop your own Shopify store. Setting shipping preferences, ad researches, and selecting suitable genres will be discussed as well.

Week 3

The third week of 100k Blueprint is dedicated to marketing, ad designing, increasing the conversion rate, commenting, and ad reporting. E-mail marketing is also taught to users because it remains the most popular method of generating leads and increasing the conversion rate.

Week 4

In this digital era, the importance of using influencers for the success of your business and online store cannot be negated. Therefore, the fourth week of this dropshipping master course will deal with the art of using influencers for the success of your business and specific case studies will be discussed as well.

Week 5 to Week 8

From week 5 to week 8 of the 100k Blueprint, you will learn various strategies to design linear funnels, earning 100k per month, building an excellent team for organization and management, and using modern tools and technology to find financial opportunities for your dropshipping store. Private online sessions are also held during these weeks. 

Week 9 to Week 12

During these weeks, you will learn about integrating Bing with Shopify and devising smart strategies to set appropriate prices and selling methods for different regions. In the final week, real success stories and case studies will be discussed, and final workshops will be held to summarize the entire course.

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100k Blueprint provides seven bonuses to the users. Most of these bonuses are very exciting, especially for the newbies in the dropshipping industry.

For example, you will be able to hold a live online session with Dan Dasilva for ten weeks of the course.

It is a very important feature of the course as you will be able to clarify any issues or questions you might have and get the answer right from Dan Dasilva.

Furthermore, you will get access to Dasilva private e-mail as well so you can ask any questions whenever you want.

Other than personal communication with the founder of 100k Blueprint, you will get many other bonuses as well. Such as personalized ad campaigns, access to Profit Machine, e-mail marketing strategies, and case studies that can be crucial in developing a dropshipping store.

The overall plan of the course shows that it is a very informative course that can prove to be a life-changing experience for you and provide you with complete financial freedom.

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Benefits of 100k Blueprint

  • Comprehensive

Unlike many other dropshipping courses, 100k Blueprint is a very comprehensive course that covers all points related to dropshipping.

It does not matter whether you are an expert in dropshipping or do not even know the definition of dropshipping as 100k Blueprint will provide you with all the information from scratch.

Many of us face issues in online courses because they often do not cover all of the features of a particular concept.

Whereas, if we buy 100k Blueprint, we will get to know all of the things about dropshipping and will not have to use any other secondary source to gain knowledge about dropshipping. 

  • Fulfillment Center

Dropshipping startups have to face a lot of issues in dropshipping, particularly due to the lack of fulfillment centers in various countries.

Dan Dasilva has signed an agreement with a private fulfillment center in Los Angeles, California. It means you will not have to worry about finding centers and can easily establish your own dropshipping startup.

  • A Wide Range of Bonuses

Other than the comprehensive 12-week program of 100k Blueprint, bonuses are perhaps the most attractive part of this master course.

You will get to interact with Dan Dasilva one-on-one, which is a golden opportunity for any of us to ask anything related to dropshipping and online marketing.

Moreover, we also get many other bonuses by buying the 100k Blueprint that can help us to establish a successful brand in the dropshipping industry.

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  3.  After the refund period, the bonus will be sent out.

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After my research of other similar dropshipping courses, I have come to the conclusion that 100k Blueprint is one of its kind because it is a very comprehensive dropshipping course.

No other course will teach you about dropshipping in this much detail. Moreover, keep in mind that 100k Blueprint is suitable for all kinds of people.

Newbies can learn all about dropshipping within a period of just 12-weeks.

The skills and techniques learned during this course will allow the users to earn $100,000 per month, or even more.

Once you establish a successful dropshipping store, there is no looking back. Most of your income will be automated, and you will even have more time with your friends and family.

This is the primary reason why dropshipping is continually becoming famous for passive income. But to succeed in this industry, you should learn from the experts like Dan Dasilva, the I instructor of 100k Blueprint.

Therefore, if you are interested in establishing a dropshipping store and earning huge amount of money, 100k Blueprint is worth your investment because it will teach you important skills that will help you throughout your life.